BEEWEIGHED is a WEIGHT LOSS SUPPORT GROUP that offers a weekly weigh-in and a group support meeting irrespective of what diet plan you choose to follow.

BEEWEIGHED OWNER and FOUNDER Lynda has extensive knowledge covering lots of diet plans … low carb, low calorie, the 5/2, VLCD and shake diets to name but a few, whilst the helpers at BEEWEIGHED have all had experience of losing weight for themselves, and are able to pass on this valuable experience, giving you a valuable insight into losing weight and the struggles you can experience. Read some of our success stories here.


Lynda is the Leader and Founder at BEEWEIGHED and is there to help you achieve your goals, she is passionate about helping people and makes every single member feel special.  She will weigh you each week and give you the support and motivation you need, setting small goals to aim for until ultimately you achieve your target weight.

Having lost over four stone herself she totally understands the ups and downs of losing weight.  She has nearly 20 years experience as a Weight Loss Leader.  Being an extremely positive individual you are sure to walk away from the meeting feeling focused for the week ahead.



Lost over two stone and has been at a healthy weight for over ten years.  Shanon helps at Haughton Green and is always on hand sharing her tips and ideas.  She’s an expert at making new members feel welcome.




Has known Lynda for over 15 years and lost over a stone.  She has been in a healthy weight bracket for all this time.  Janet sits gives the record cards out and you sign in with her.  She’s always happy to help and give advice and support to the members.



Lost over eight stone and has known Lynda for over eight years.  Sandra takes your weekly fee and is always happy to help.  Sandra is proud to help at BEEWEIGHED.



Has known Lynda for over 15 years, she lost over two stone.  Linda helps at the Weigh Station and is always there with a smile to assist and give advice.



Lost over 5 stone over ten years ago, she has maintained her healthy weight during this time.  She helps with everything in the group, she’s always happy to help and give advice to the members.  She’s full of fun and always on hand to help!




Lisa helps at Haughton Green meeting, she’s lost over two stone so far.  She loves helping in all areas.





Has lost a stone and helps each week with making the brews and at the weigh station when required.  Carol makes the best brews in town and is always friendly with a smile.


Megan (Lynda’s daughter)

Megan helps at Levenshulme and occasionally stands in as and when needed at other meetings too.  Megan lost over three stone and keeps it off with her Mum’s support.




Pat has known Lynda for around ten years and has lost over two stone.  She regularly attends the Denton meeting as a member and also helps at the Haughton Green meeting.






Joanne helps with a bit of everything at Longsight and Northwich – Joanne lost over four stone some four years ago and keeps it off with the support of Lynda and the group!  Helen also helps with a bit of everything too.


I first met Lynda in 2008 when she helped me lose weight for my wedding, she inspired and encouraged me.  As well as a leader she has become a friend.  Over previous years I have joined a lot of different groups and none of them enthused me as much as her.  Lynda has always been there to encourage me over the last 10 years and has made me believe in myself.


I started my weight loss journey with Lynda right at the beginning when I was over 22 stone. So far today I have lost almost 9 stone thanks to lots of hard work and the lovely Lynda’s support. This is a fantastic group and I can’t put into words how grateful I am for it.  Lynda is there with you every step of the way, especially if you’re struggling.  The support from the group both in person and on the Whatsapp group is second to none.  I’m looking forward to achieving my target weight that is now in sight.  My life and confidence have changed so much for the better since losing this weight, I’m loving life.