If, for whatever reason you do not want to attend a group session Lynda offers a ‘remote’ meeting where you can be part of the BEEWEIGHED group, get the benefit of Lynda’s support yet you do not have to be at the actual meeting.

There are a number of requirements to enable you to become a REMOTE BEEWEIGHER:-

Pay nine weeks in advance (£40.50), benefit from getting the tenth meeting free! (registration fee is £7.00)

Lynda will post or email your BEEWEIGHED pack and the Joining Form, return in the self-addressed envelope or by email (with electronic signature) and you will be eligible to be part of the next available ‘live’ meeting.

Skype/Facetime – Lynda will give you a time to call her on the morning of the meeting.  You can show her your weight on your own scales so that it can be recorded on ‘THE HIVE’.

Weekly handouts and Meal Trackers will be emailed to you.

The meeting talk is recorded so you can watch it as it is happening and be part of the group without having to attend!

You will benefit from the support from Lynda, just like regular members.

Awards and certificates will be posted or emailed to you on the week that you achieve them.

Contact us now to book your Remote Session.


I have known Lynda for almost three years, she has massively helped me lose over two stone.  The support she gives is second to none.  I’ve been to other slimming clubs, none are a patch on how Lynda runs her!

Nothing is ever too much trouble and you know she’s always on the end of the phone should you need her.  I can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am without her support.  I am looking forward to achieving my target weight and am determined to! Read More BEEWEIGHED Success Stories