Below is a guide to a typical meeting at BEEWEIGHED.

New Members will be met by the Welcome Hostess who will help you fill out your joining form and consent forms.  She will explain the meeting process, prices and any current offers.  You will then be guided to the pay station where there are various weight loss tools for sale also.







You can either opt to pay weekly or be an advanced payer. If you pay for nine weeks in advance you get the tenth week free!  Other advanced payment options are available too.  There are a number of weight loss tools for sale at this station also.   You will then be guided to the WEIGH STATION.




You will be weighed in private by Lynda and her Weigh Assistant, be assured your weight is never said out loud. Lynda is extremely aware of the sensitive nature of weighing an individual. You will receive your BEEWEIGHED pack and your first mini goal will be discussed. You will then be guided to the BREW STATION.





Grab a drink and a low calorie biscuit/bar, take a seat and wait for the meeting talk to commence.






Lynda does a meeting talk. Successes, tips, ideas and various weight loss topics will be discussed. You will be sure to go away feeling motivated and ready for the week ahead.




The weight loss incentive bracelet will be explained and all awards that you can receive on your weight loss journey, Lynda will tell you a bit about herself and what made her start the BEEWEIGHED group. Information on the calorie controlled diet will be explained should this be required. This is the time for her to get to know you a little and what your weight loss goals are. Information in respect of the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram profiles will be given and also the website including the blog. Lynda updates the website weekly adding pictures of awards and certificates achieved that week.


I’ve known Lynda for over 10 years and really enjoyed my weight loss journey with her as my leader, and dear friend. Without the support and time she gave me I wouldn’t be where I am now. I lost over 5 stone and have been at my healthy weight now for over two years. Every day is still a journey and life can be challenging but with Lynda’s help and encouragement she makes it a lot easier. Read More BEEWEIGHED Success Stories