BEEWEIGHED meet at Haughton Green Conservative Club on Tuesday at 6pm and Denton Labour Club on Saturday 7am - 9.30am.

Having working for a large slimming organisation for over 20 years Lynda realised that the members weren’t following the diet plan that was provided, they were doing ‘their own thing’ and just wanted to come, get weighed and get group support.  This gave Lynda the idea to form a group with no rules where you can follow whatever diet plan you choose, get weighed and get support.  So BEEWEIGHED was founded.


Tuesday Meeting

Tuesday 6pm. Haughton Green Conservative Club, Haughton Green Road, Denton, M34 7QN.

How To Get Here

Saturday Meeting

Saturday 7:00am-9:30am. Denton Labour Club, Ashton Road, Denton, Manchester M34 3JF.

How To Get Here

Take advantage of one of the payment plans and there is no Joining Fee

Regular Member (wanting to lose weight)

Regular 10 weeks (£45 – £4.50 pw) –  

Regular – 3 months (£55 – £4.23 pw) –

Zoom – 10 weeks (£25 – £2.50 pw) –

Zoom – 6 months (£50 – £1.92 pw) –