If you feel you need accountability and group support when losing/maintaining weight then BEEWEIGHED is the group for you.


Achieving success with a diet plan that aligns with your lifestyle is possible when you become a BEEWEIGHED member.

We provide the BEEWEIGHED plan, which focuses on calorie counting and is based on NHS guidelines. However, if you prefer to follow another diet or plan while receiving the support you need, that’s perfectly fine as well.

During each meeting, you will receive friendly and motivational support from Lynda, the team, and fellow group members. One common goal unites everyone: the desire to lose weight and improve their health. Weekly, we share nutritional information and wellness tips to assist you in overcoming any challenges that may occasionally disrupt your diet plan adherence. Each week, we also focus on a specific topic, and both hard and electronic copies are available. Additionally, Lynda records a weekly VLOG exclusively for all active members.



Our meetings brim with enjoyment, liveliness, and an abundance of positivity. Each week, you’ll depart feeling motivated, invigorated, and prepared to confront any forthcoming challenges.

Lynda boasts a career spanning weight loss and wellness since 2000, armed with substantial expertise to aid individuals in achieving their personal aspirations. She is dedicated to extending her support and guidance throughout your journey toward a ‘healthier, improved you.’ Notably, every member of Lynda’s team has experienced successful weight loss with BEEWEIGHED!

So, why wait any longer? Join us and embark on the journey to transform your life for the better with BEEWEIGHED.

Lynda and her team operate in Manchester and Cheshire, with convenient weekly Zoom meetings available. For those seeking a one-on-one approach, we can accommodate that as well.

Get in touch for more details.

You will be met with a warm welcome and made to feel at ease from Lynda, her leaders, the helpers and the fellow members.