Lose weight the right way at


lose weight the right way

BEEWEIGHED slimming groups are motivational, supportive and more importantly non-judgmental. The BEEWEIGHED diet plan is provided.

Lynda and her team have extensive knowledge of most weightloss plans and can support you whichever you decide to follow. So you can choose a plan that suits you and your lifestyle, no rules!

LYNDA & her Team

Lynda has been in the weight loss and wellness industry since 2000, having previously worked at a large slimming organisation she decided to set up on her own in January 2019. She is massively passionate about helping and inspiring others in their journeys to healthier versions of themselves.

Lynda's team have all lost weight themselves and therefore totally understand the ups and downs and challenges of living a healthier lifestyle. They are all there to help you on your journey giving you support, encouragement and guidance all the way to achieving your weight loss and wellness goals.

What are you waiting for? Join today, your future self will thank you for making the decision.


When you join a BEEWEIGHED meeting you will be met with a warm welcome from Lynda or one of her team.

All new members receive a folder containing the BEEWEIGHED healthy eating plan, a handbook that has lots of useful information, a cookbook that contains all members' recipes and a motivational weight loss journey keying.


in person - zoom/remote - 1-2-1

BEEWEIGHED meetings are held around Manchester and Cheshire.

There are weekly Zoom meetings and also 1-2-1 sessions are also available.

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