Week 43 – Changing Bad Habits

This week at BEEWEIGHED we discussed bad habits we have and how to tackle them.

  • Drinking in the evening after a stressful day at work

Try and get into the habit of having not alcoholic low calories alternative, allow yourself to just drink at weekends and not in the week.

  • Nibbling high calorific snacks

Save some of your allowance each day for a treat later in the evening and don’t go over that amount, also if you don’t want it save the calories instead and try and resist it thinking of a better weight loss

  • Clearing your plate, when full

Eat your favourite food first and stops when satisfied. Use a smaller plate and only put on your plate what you know will satisfy you.

  • Having a biscuit with a brew

If this is your bad habit try and reduce your brews or just allow one if your brews a day to include the biscuit in your allowance.

  • Not drinking enough water

Make this part of your daily routine. Ie glass of water every time brush your teeth, go to the bathroom, with each meal. Invest in a water bottle.

  • Using car when you can walk

Leave your car at home, park your car as far as possible when shopping. Walk instead of taking the car.

  • Skipping meals

This can lead to overeating if you skip a meal. You will feel hungry and could gorge when you eat your next meal. Have a low cal snack in your bag to put you on until you eat your next meal.


across all five meetings this week a total of 152 marbles were lost. We welcomed new members Vanessa, Helen and Jess. Have a great week ladies. Special mentions to….

  • Super sevens went to Deborah and Paula
  • Amina got her third super seven
  • 25lb award went to Angela
  • 3rd stone award went to Julie R
  • Slimmers of the week went to Deb, Angela, Julie R, Claire W and Ann Marie.

Have a great week everyone!


This week we’re discussing the main 3 sugar types, where they are found and the amount you should be having per day.