A massive 274 marbles gone forever yesterday at BEEWEIGHED weight loss support group.

We welcomed new members Karen, Susie and Thelma to the group.

Special mentions this week for the HALL OF FAME are:-

First EVER SLIMMER OF THE WEEK at BEEWEIGHED went to the lovely Lisa having lose 14.5lbs in just two weeks, well done Lisa – you smashed it!  She received her special slimmer of the week charm for her bracelet, certificate and had a pic taken with the special plaque.

Sandra and Lisa received their first stone certificates and charms, well done ladies! 

Pat, Patrick, Angela, Helen, Sharon and Tina all got their first 7lb certificates and charms.  Well done everyone.  

Katie lost a massive 6lb and has now lost a stone, Joanna has now lost 7lb – pics will be in the HALL OF FAME next week. 

We discussed benefits of exercising:-

  • Makes you feel happier – the feel good factor
  • Can help with with weight loss and tones you
  • Increases your energy levels 
  • Skin looks better
  • Helps with relaxation
  • Boosts sleep quality

Make exercising fun! 

  • Go with a friend
  • Join a class – meet new friends
  • Exercise whilst listening to music
  • Record your achievements/progress
  • Exercise whilst watching TV
  • Walk around whilst talking on your phone
  • Run up and down the stairs during adverts
  • Make your housework a workout
  • If you’ve got a dog – walk it more or for longer

We discussed exercises excuses and came up with solutions

  • No time – we all can make time even if just two 30 min walks in the week is better than doing nothing at all – we touched on the amount of time the majority of us spend on the phone – so we can all make time.
  • Too much pain – Try different types of exercises, there’s always alternatives that can be done, Thelma suffers with her legs so she committed to doing arm and feet exercises whilst sitting down.
  • It’s boring – try different exercises, if you don’t like a certain type of class try another, try swimming, power walking, dancing you’ll soon find one that gives you the ‘feel good factor’.
  • Costs too much – do it at home, lots of workouts on YouTube – don’t cost anything.  Walking – a good power walk burns more calories than jogging!
  • I’ll start tomorrow – TOMORROW NEVER COMES – get your comfy shoes on and start today!!
  • The key is to do more than you did before – I asked you all to make a commitment this week and write it on your weekly handout – I’ll be asking you next week how you all got on.

Have a fantastic week everyone!!


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