Indulging the British Way: Chocolate, Easter Eggs, and the Classic Sunday Roast

As Easter approaches, the United Kingdom comes alive with colourful decorations, joyful celebrations, and, of course, delectable chocolate treats. For many, Easter is known for indulging in chocolates and delightful Easter eggs. In this blog, we’ll explore the UK’s love with chocolate during Easter, dive into the calorie content of popular Easter treats, and round off the festivities with the cherished tradition of a Sunday roast dinner.

Easter and Chocolates

Easter and chocolates go hand in hand, and boasts a rich tradition of Easter egg gifting. From small chocolate eggs filled with candies to luxurious, elaborately designed eggs, there’s a wide variety to choose from. Families exchange these sweet treats as a symbol of joy and new beginnings, making Easter a delightful time for all.

Calorie Counts of Popular Easter Chocolates:

  • Cadbury Creme Egg (39g): Approximately 177 calories
  • Maltesers Chocolate Bunny (29g): Approximately 148 calories
  • Nestlé Smarties Mini Eggs (20g): Approximately 97 calories
  • Thornton’s Milk Chocolate Easter Egg (100g):Approximately 530 calories (egg only, excluding additional chocolates)

While indulging in these sweet delights, it’s important to be mindful of portion sizes and balance them with physical activity to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The Classic Sunday Roast Dinner:

Easter Sunday often calls for a grand feast, and what better way to celebrate than with a traditional Sunday roast dinner? Roast meats, Yorkshire puddings, roasted vegetables, and gravy come together to create a hearty and comforting meal. Here’s a rough breakdown of the calorie content for a typical Sunday roast dinner:

  • Roast Chicken Breast (100g): Approximately 165 calories
  • Roast Potatoes (100g): Approximately 149 calories
  • Steamed Vegetables (100g):Approximately 40 calories
  • Yorkshire Pudding (1 medium): Approximately 150 calories
  • Gravy (1/4 cup):Approximately 15-20 calories (depending on the recipe)

Indulging in a Sunday roast is a cherished tradition that brings families together around the dining table, creating warm memories and satisfying appetites.

As you enjoy the Easter festivities and savor the delightful chocolates and roast dinners, remember that balance is key. Embrace the joy of the season, indulge mindfully, and cherish the moments spent with loved ones. Here’s to a happy and healthy Easter filled with delicious treats and the warmth of tradition


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