Wow what an amazing launch we had!! I was absolutely blown away by the amount of individuals that attended – lots of familiar faces and lots of brand new members!!  Can’t wait to help you all achieve your weight loss dreams.  We also had three remote members which is very exciting as no other slimming group offer this service.  

It was amazing that Andrew Gwynne MP and his lovely wife Allison attended the launch and are supporting BEEWEIGHED WEIGHT LOSS SUPPORT GROUP!  I even managed to get them on the scales!

Some pics of the Launch of BEEWEIGHED – courtesy of The Tameside Reporter:-

Remember if you are a regular or target member you can also have access to the REMOTE BEEWEIGHED page where you can watch the meeting video, however you have to be an advanced payer, this is due to auditing purposes.  Also if you can’t make the meeting due to whatever reason, you can video message me and show me your weight  on your own scales – SO NO EXCUSES!!!

We welcomed a total of 64 BEEWEIGHERS – WOW!  Some of whom have already lost a considerable amount of weight following various diet plans and are wanting to achieve their goals, some at their ideal target weight who just want support and a weigh in and some that are looking to start to lose weight with the help of our support group.

As we discussed in the group – this is YOUR meeting and it is to help you achieve your weight loss goals.  The suggestion box on the top table is there for you to ‘pop’ in any ideas you feel you want me to either cover as a meeting talk, you need further information on anything to help you with your diet plan or anything you feel the meeting could benefit from or help it run more efficiently.

We discussed setting small weight loss goals and rewarding yourself with something non-edible when you achieve them!  I told all the BEEWEIGHERS what my weight is – I too need to check in – I’m bang on my goal and want to be 7lb under, I want to achieve this by the end of February.  So it is very realistic.  When setting your mini goals – make sure they are SMART, I’ve listed mine below for an example:-

  • Specific – I want to lose 7lb
  • Measurable – being 7lb under my goal
  • Achievable – Definitely, as I only have one weekend the the next 8 weeks that I will be off plan
  • Realistic – Yes – I have 8 weeks to do it – less than 1lb a week and also Reward – When I achieve it I am buying myself a new Pandora charm
  • Time – I am going to achieve it by the end of February

We also discussed a few of the TIPS for NEWBEES:-

  • WHY – Keep it close by – mine was after trying on over 20 outfits on for a Christmas do some 18 years ago and feeling horrible and fat, not wanting to get out of my seat, the same scenario two weeks later on New Years Eve – then the dreaded photographs!!! – During my weight loss journey whenever I felt like giving up I would always remember WHY I wanted to lose weight. KEEP YOUR WHY CLOSE BY – YOU ALL KNOW WHAT YOURS IS.
  • Measure yourself – take your measurements – like I shared on the Facebook page for those that downloaded the Nutracheck app there is a page on it where they can be recorded – no-one needs to see them!  When you have weeks that the scales don’t say what you want you can always measure yourself and see your non scale victory!! – It will help you deal with the numbers not budging on the scales.
  • If you do come off plan and have a binge day, don’t throw the towel in, we all do it! We are human.  Draw a line under it and start again – fresh day, fresh start and contact me and I’ll help!!

Furthermore we discussed the amazing food tracking app BEEWEIGHED recommends, NUTRACHECK free for your first week then only £3.99 a month or why not make the commitment and sign up for the year – only £29.99.

  • Winner of Health & Fitness App fo the Year 2018
  • Scanned foods shows the pic of the actual item 
  • Scans 250,000 UK barcodes
  • There are 16 Coffee Shops and Lunch places covered, plus over 50 restaurants
  • It can be used for a number of weight loss plans; calorie counting, 5/2; high protein, low sugar, low fat or you can set your own
  • Record your weight and measurements
  • Can link to phone and Fitbit to monitor exercise/activity
  • Really easy to use

When you know what’s in your food, you can get the balance right to enjoy a few treats too.  


Have an amazing first week on whatever plan you are following, be sure to download the Nutracheck app.  I’m excited to help you achieve your weight loss dreams.  If you need me you know where I am!!  Please follow me on Instagram and Twitter xxx


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