BEEWEIGHED members lost an amazing 117 marbles (58.5 pounds) yesterday at the weight loss support group.

Three members became the first BEEWEIGHED target members;

Peter and Kelly had previously lost weight with me and came back to BEEWEIGHED to get back to their target weights 10.5lb and 8lb respectively and the lovely Georgia lost 8lb – they are all looking very trim and fabulous.


Slimmer of the week for the first meeting went to Helen for the third week running (now lost a stone) and Ros for the second meeting (now lost 1/2 stone).

As mentioned above Helen has now lost a stone too and Katie received her FAB FIVE as she has now lost 5% of her body weight. 


SUPER SEVENS went to Tracey, Becky, Thelma, Carolyn and Ros who was also slimmer of the week too.

Absolutely amazing results – well done everyone on your fab weight losses.

We recapped on hearty dinners that were discussed last week and shared a few recipe ideas.  Everyone agreed to sharing all their recipe ideas on the SECRET MEMBERS ONLY Facebook group – thanks!

Topic this week was eating out and managing to stay on plan, with imminent Valentines Day coming up only a small handful said they celebrated but we still discussed the obstacles we face when going out for meals so we discussed various tips and ideas to deal with situations.

  • Plan ahead – Check the menu online, see what the healthiest choices are, contact them and ask if they can cook a certain way for you.
  • You choose the restaurant – that way you can choose the healthiest choice and still be part of the celebrations.
  • Make a meal out of side dishes.
  • Take your own low calorie dressings with you or ask for them to be in a separate bowl so you can control how much you put on.
  • Don’t limit to what you see on the menu, ask for grilled options – ask for it to be cooked a certain way – you’re paying for it!
  • Order first – that way you won’t be tempted to choose what others choose!
  • Eat slowly and drink before and during your meal.
  • Have two courses – either avoid dessert or the starter to reduce your intake.
  • Choose tomato based dishes as opposed to creamy ones.
  • Request less oil or no oil if possible.
  • Alcohol – alternate with glasses of water.

Also we discussed receiving gifts for Valentines Day – if you do participate request non calorific gifts – no alcohol or chocolate!!! 

Last week Trish recommended the 7 minute workout on YouTube by Lucy Wyndham-Read, a fair few of us have agreed to give it a go this week.  Shanon and I have put the links on the SECRET MEMBERS ONLY Facebook page.



This week we’re discussing the main 3 sugar types, where they are found and the amount you should be having per day.