To be beautiful means to be yourself,  You don’t need to be accepted by others, you need to be accepted by yourself!

Denton lost a whopping 108 marbles this week – a massive 54 pounds weight lost!!  Didsbury lost an amazing 28 marbles – so a lovely 14 pounds lost! Well done everyone!!

Special mentions to:-

Becky who lost 6.5lb and received a special Well Done certificate and charm and Corinna is now at her pre-pregnancy weight who also received a special Well Done certificate and charm – fab work ladies.

Trish from Denton and Zeinab from Didsbury got their SUPER SEVEN weight loss awards.

FAB FIVES went to Joanna, Thelma, Becky, Cait, Jamie Pat and Tina – great result ladies!

Patrick received his stone aware even after being on holiday last week in Spain – Well done!

Slimmer of the week meeting one went to Angela and meeting two it went to Trish –

At Denton we discussed Body Image and Gaining Confidence and how important it is to be positive and love ourselves.

I asked everyone to say three things they like about themselves, the majority of the members found this really hard so we then set some challenges – each morning to look in the mirror and not look at the things you don’t like, look at the things that you do like and focus on them rather than the negatives.  Each morning in the mirror tell yourself how fabulous you are – over time this really works and keeps a positive attitude throughout the day – and in turn helps being positive sticking to your plan.

Accept compliments – and give them, this will make you feel good as well as the person you are complimenting.

Smile more it uses less muscles than frowning!

Admire someone else’s beauty without questioning your own!

At Didsbury, as it was the first week we discussed setting small goals and rewarding yourself when you achieve them – all members set mini goals and they were all discussed.

Next week the topic we will be discussing at both meetings is dealing with BOREDOM when dieting this can be keeping yourself busy or your actual meals.


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