SLEEPING – A bad nights sleep can have an impact on your diet

We all know lack of sleep can leave us feeling grumpy and lethargic.  There are many ways in which a bad night’s sleep can impact our health, including our waistline!

This week we discussed tips and certain foods you should be eating to ensure you get a good nights sleep that can ultimately lead to being more focused on your plan.

Across all four meetings this week a total of 210 marbles were lost – that is a massive 105 pounds!

We welcomed new members Dawn (remote), Michael, Karen, Susan,  Hayley and Sharon.

Special awards went to:-

Louise and Jean got their super seven awards, Marsha and Julie got their first stone awards, Debbie and Jean received their fab five% and Becky got her terrific ten% award.  Massive well done to everyone.

Slimmers of the week went to:- Louise, Gabby (no pic), Joanna and Mona


We discussed SLEEPING and how we feel when we have had a bad night’s sleep:-

  • Grumpy
  • Irritable
  • Snappy
  • Not organised
  • Don’t want to prepare meals
  • Ultimately don’t want to stick to plan

Reasons for not sleeping varied from things on mind, stress, children amongst a few.  Some tips that can help you get a good nights sleep:-

  • If things are on your mind write them down – it is meant to help you put them out of your mind and your mind is clear for the night ahead.
  • Be organised if you have things to do the following day, try and get as much done the night before.
  • Prepare your clothes you are wearing the night before.
  • Use meditation apps, there are many sleeping apps that can really help you nod off.
  • Read before bed.
  • Don’t take your phone to bed, or have it on the other side of the room if you use it as an alarm.
  • Exercise can really help if things are on your mind and clear your head so it leaves your mind clear to sleep more easily.

Foods and drinks that can help:-

  • Potassium – Bananas – Potassium is linked to better quality sleep
  • Chamomile or green tea or even decaffeinated tea before bed can help you relax
  • Tuna is a great source of selenium – this plays a role in the functioning of the thyroid gland which helps control sleep patterns
  • Cows milk yogurt – or even a glass of skimmed milk can help before you go to bed.  This is commonly used to help promote a better nights sleep.
  • Eggs – the yolks are a good source of vitamin D.  If you have a deficiency of Vitamin D this can lead to less sleep.
  • Spinach and green leafy vegetables contain magnesium.  A deficiency in magnesium can play a role in insomnia.

Have a fantastic week everyone, be sure to be getting plenty of sleep to help keep you focused!


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