Having a good clear out is a great way to move on from the wintery months.  There’s nothing that feels as fresh and satisfying once it is completed.

A whopping 214 marbles were lost this week across all four BEEWEIGHED meetings that is over 15 stone!!! Well done every single one of you.

Welcome new members – Chelsea, Marie, Mary, Karen, Martha, Louise, Julie Barbara and Jane – have a great week ladies.

Two new products available in the meetings this week:-

  • Health bracelet that measures steps, heart, sleep it links to an app on your phone – only £7.95.  
  • Oil sprayer – put your own oil in and each spray is approx 50 calories, if you pour oil it can be 200 calories.- only £5.95

Special mentions to:-

Marsha and Debbie (no pic) got their SUPER SEVEN awards – brilliant!

Katie got her third SUPER SEVEN and received her TERRIFIC TEN award having now lost 10% of her body weight. Fab result!

DEE and Helen received their FAB FIVE awards – well done!!

Stone awards went to Pat, Sara & Leanne – well done lovely ladies.

Corinna received her FIVE stone award – amazing result – looking fabulous!

Slimmers of the Week awards, Sylvester, Sara, Emily and Zeinab – well done everyone 🙂

This week we had a bit of fun and did a quiz relating to SPRING CLEANING and cleaning up our act….

  • What foods should we VANISH from our fridges – majority of members said Cheese, Chocolate and Wine.
  • What can we all OUST from our kitchen cupboards – snacks, nuts, crisps, biscuits. 
  • BROOM – Clean sweep of the work surfaces – biscuit barrels, toaster.  Put biscuit barrel in cupboard – out of sight so when you walk in the kitchen you don’t see it and aren’t tempted.
  • SCRUBBING BRUSH – What bad habits should we scrub out this week? – Watching TV whilst eating meal, biscuits with brews, picking whilst cooking.
  • SHAKE N VAC – we all agreed and promised to weigh an measure our foods – some members admitted to letting it slip recently.
  • HOOVER – Do you hoover up left overs? Make smaller portions, smaller plates, put straight in the bin.
  • COMFORT we all need a little comfort – what treat can you have in the kitchen? low cal snack bar, drinking chocolate (low fat), fruit
  • 1001 – we can all think of 1001 reasons for not having a good week – we have to remember our WHYs – we want this and want a loss at the scales next week
  • PLEDGE – every single member made a pledge to lose weight this week.

Have a great week everyone – next week’s topic SWEET ALTERNATIVES


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