Ever given up on a diet because you were fed up of eating the same foods and got bored? This week we discussed dealing with boredom when dieting, not only food but keeping busy too!

Levenshulme BEEWEIGHED meeting was opened and it was lovely to see lots of members ready to start their weight loss journeys.

Denton lost an amazing 135 marbles and we welcomed new member Amanda.

Didsbury lost 14 marbles and we seen some fab weight losses – we welcomed lovely new member Ann.

Awards this week across all the meetings:-

Slimmer of the week at Denton – meeting one was Laura and meeting two was Corinna, Mona was slimmer of the week at Didsbury – Brilliant, well done ladies!!


Super Sevens went to Carolyn, Laura and Leanne – Laura also got her Fab Five Award! – well done lovelies.

One Stone awards went to Ros, Sarah, Denise, Thelma, and Doris – Ros also received her Terrific Ten award – amazing results ladies.


Helen received her Terrific Ten after losing 10% of her body weight – she’s looking fantastic!

Last but by no means least the lovely Lisa has now lost over two stone and received her two stone award.

We discussed the importance of keeping your diet exciting and varied so you don’t get bored and come off plan.

Don’t completely exclude your favourite foods

Being too restrictive runs the risk of leading to more cravings and overeating. There is no need to ban foods from your diet completely.  Having a good mix of all the main food groups so carbohydrates, fats and proteins, as well as plenty of fruit and vegetables and the occasional treat is the best way to get a good balance of nutrients and stay satisfied.  If your weakness is chocolate, find a way to have a little bit each day if needed or find an alternative.  If your weakness is bread, don’t ban it completely try the lower calorie or lower carb alternatives.  Most brands are less than 80 calories a slice.

Have meals out and the odd takeaway

It’s fine to eat out and order in a takeaway, even when sticking to your diet. Lots of restaurants have the nutritional information available so you can plan in advance, you can also ask for your foods to be cooked a certain way i.e. grilled, less oil, dressings on the side or take your own dressings.  As long as you compensate for your meal by adjusting the other foods you eat throughout the day, you will still be on track to lose weight. It’s important to continue to include treats when trying to lose weight as it’s a realistic way to live.

Creatures of habit

Try not to fall into the trap of eating the same things week in week out.  There are so many foods and meals you can try, lots of tips and ideas are shared each week in the group and on the members Facebook group.  There are a number of cookbooks available at the shop too!  If you use the Nutracheck app you can build your recipe and add to the ‘Quick Add’ option. There’s no excuse for not trying something new!

Change your exercise

Okay so it’s not specifically related to your diet, but exercise is very important for weight loss success. Just like your foods, it’s good to get into the habit of varying or progressing the type of exercise you do. Try a new class at the gym, or give a new exercise DVD a go – it will make exercising so much more interesting if it’s not just the same routine each week.

We discussed hobbies that you could take up to help if you’re feeling bored….

Knitting, Crochet, Cross Stitch, Jigsaws, going for walks, take dog extra walk – it was also agreed to avoid watching food programmes when feeling hungry as before you know it you’re in the biscuit tin!\\

Have a fab week everyone – let’s hope to see less of your next week.


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