Different types of fasting


Fasting has become more and more popular over the past few years.

Previous advice to always eat breakfast or to never skip meals is much less current and in its place is advice to do some form of fasting.  This can really benefit your body and gives it time to rest and repair, helping with dieting and weight loss

Different types of FASTING

OMAD – eating one meal a day during a one hour window!

The 5:2 method. This is a very fashionable approach to intermittent fasting, two days a week you eat 500 calories (women and 600 calories (men) then the other five days you eat ‘normal’. A few members stated this is a method they use or have used in the past and has really helped with weight losses.

Another one that is recommended is to only eat during an 8/10/12 hour window and allow your body to rest and repair during the 16/14/12 hours – this was the most popular as members that don’t tend to eat breakfast found this easy as their first meal maybe around 11am-12pm then they don’t eat after 7pm/8pm, again this has helped with weight losses when members have stuck to this approach.

The ones that weren’t as popular:-

Warrior – You eat just fruit and vegetables all day then have a large evening meal – almost everyone agreed this would not be something they would want to do.

Alternate Day Fasting – Literally one day you eat and the alternate day you don’t eat – again this one didn’t go down very well! 🙁

Have a fantastic week all my lovely members.


  • 161 marbles lost across all meetings this week. We welcomed new member Kathleen ❤️
    Peter received his ‘year at target’ award! He’s done amazing staying at target after lots of holiday too!🙌👏🙌👏
  • Super sevens went to Katie and Ann Marie
  • Cath received her fab five award
  • Slimmers of the week went to Angela, Babs, Colleen, Cath, Julie R, Lorraine and Anne Marie




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