Enjoying Easter & Staying on Track

Easter doesn’t need to bring your diet crashing down.  You can still have a good time without the diet disaster!

This week across all four BEEWEIGHED meetings a total of 154 marbles gone forever – that is a whopping 5 stone 2lbs.  Well done everyone! 🙂

We welcomed lovely new member Becky, have a great first week!

Special mentions to:-

Katie got an early weigh in (6am) as she was off to a horse show, she lost a massive 3lb and has now lost 25lb, she received her 25lb certificate and special sparkly charm for her incentive bracelet.  Well done! 🙂

Thelma received her third super seven award, Angela, Jackie and Sylvester received their first super sevens, all received their certificates and charms – well done ladies. 

Marie got her stone award and received her stone certificate and special glass charm for her incentive bracelet.  Well done. 🙂

Slimmers of the week went to Marie, Sylvester (Levenshulme), Nicola and Corinna (Denton) and Mona at Didsbury (pic will follow next week).

Julie and her two lovely daughters Raegen and Tamsin joined BEEWEIGHED to lose weight for a family wedding they would be attending.  Tamsin joined as a maintaining member and just wanted to get her weight checked weekly, Julie and Raegen have now lost a massive 44lbs between them and I think you will all agree they look absolutely stunning!! Well done ladies, I’m super proud of you all. 🙂


We discussed how to stick to your plan and still enjoy Easter

  • Consider Easter as just one day (Easter Sunday itself) – rather than having chocolate the whole weekend!
  • Plan your treats for the day 
and stick to the plan.
    Decide beforehand not only what you’ll be eating, but 
when you’ll be eating it. 
  • Think about how you’ll feel once you’ve finished eating (and how the amount you’ve already decided on will be enough). 
  • Plan your responses in advance to those who put temptation in your way over the Easter weekend, threatening to derail your careful plans.  Politely say no and MEAN it.
  • Some members said they were going to have an Easter egg which is absolutely fine as long as it is counted.  
  • Have a small Cadburys Creme Egg for only 177 calories or a Maltesers Easter Bunny for only 156 calories.


  • Fill half your plate with veggies
  • Don’t add butter to your vegetables and potatoes
  • Use low fat cooking sprays for your roast potatoes
  • Trim all fat off your meat and don’t eat skin if having Turkey or Chicken
  • Used reduced fat versions of instant gravy granules, or home made or reduced salt stock cubes.


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