Non Scale Victories – NSV’s

Non Scale Victories 👏

Remember the scale is not the only measure of success!

This week’s topic we discussed our non scales victories and the importance of them.  Remembering the scale is not the only measure of success, here’s a few of the ones we discussed and the members mentioned:-

  • Measuring inches lost
  • Clothes getting too big
  • Getting into smaller sizes
  • Rings getting looser
  • Sleeping better
  • Clearer skin
  • Fitting in the bath better
  • Towel now fitting around you
  • Not being able to carry the weight you’ve lost
  • Using stairs and not getting out of breath
  • Fastening laces
  • Receiving compliments
  • Before and after pictures
  • Seeing reflection in shop window and not realising it was them
  • Not taking your bra off as soon as you get in
  • Back fat has disappeared
  • Nor being able to carry the weight you’ve lost
  • Having lost 2 1/2 stone Jane is close to coming off her diabetic medication

This weeks results 🥇

👏Remote member Kate lost another 1lb and got her terrific ten %. Express weighers Jacquie and Hannah are having a fresh start💪💪

Longsight members had some really fab losses Nisa lost 3 on her first week,
Susan got her stone award👏👏👏, Yvonne got her Fab Five % and Slimmer of the week too!

We welcomed new member Maggie and returning members Gina, Helen and Jessica. Have a great first week ladies 💓

Denton members lost a massive 49 marbles. We welcomed returning member Anne, have a great first week lovely. 💪

John Emma and Janet got their stone award, well done ladies 💋

Carol got her fab five % and also Slimmer of the Week along with the lovely Sue. ❤️

Zoom members had some fab results, Lindsay lost 1/2lb, Helen lost 1lb, Nicola lost 4 1/2, Patricia lost 2 1/2, Helen S, Angela, Nicola and Sharon maintained. Lots of commitments made for the members who maintained or gained!

Hope everyone has a fantastic week! 🤞🤞🤞

Haughton Green is opening on Tuesday please tell all friends and family. It’s at the Conservative Club on Haughton Green Road xx


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