Non Scale Victories

Non Scale Victories 👏

Remember the scale is not the only measure of success!

We lost a total of 160 marbles across all BEEWEIGHED 🐝 meetings this week.  We welcomed new members Naz and Lea, have a fantastic first week ladies!

Special mentions:-

Angela and Emily both achieved their targets weight, losing 21lbs and 17lbd respectively. They both look fantastic! Massive congratulations ladies.❤️

Thelma received her two stone award besides reaching her terrific ten %! Well done lovely!💕

Sharon, Lynn and Donna all got their super seven award this week and received their certificates and charms. You’re doing great ladies! 👍🏼

Claire has not lost 5% of her body weight and received her fab five award! Well done Claire!👏👏

Slimmers of the week went to Colleen, Marie, Sharon and Sharon. All receiving their certificated and charms. 👏👍🏼

This week’s topic we discussed our non scales victories and the importance of them.  Remembering the scale is not the only measure of success, here’s a few of the ones the members mentioned:-


  • Measuring inches lost
  • Clothes getting too big
  • Getting into smaller sizes
  • Rings getting looser
  • Sleeping better
  • Clearer skin
  • Fitting in the bath better
  • Towel now fitting around you
  • Not being able to carry the weight you’ve lost
  • Using stairs and not getting out of breath
  • Fastening laces
  • Receiving compliments
  • Before and after pictures
  • Seeing reflection in shop window and not realising it was the member after losing 6 stone

Hope everyone has a fantastic week! 🤞🤞🤞


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