Portion Control

Portion control helps prevent over-eating and plays a huge part in any diet when losing weight

Across all four meetings this week a total of 239 marbles were lost – that’s 119.5 pounds gone forever!

Special mentions to:-

Slimmers of the week went to Tracey, Claire and Pat – well done ladies, you’re smashing it!

Stone awards went to Becky, Claire, Angela, Sam and Emily – fantastic results ladies.

Super Sevens awards went to Marie, Julie and Babs – amazing results lovelies, now all over half a stone lighter!

Corinna received her ninth super seven and has now lost 4 1/2 stone and Helen received her third super seven – now lost a stone and a half – amazing!!! 

We did a portion quiz this week and across all four meetings various food items were shown and the members had to guess the portion size/weight and calories.  Twenty items were shown and the highest scores were 5!! A lot of members’ eyes were opened to how guesstimating is a no-no when dieting and wanting to get results at the scales.

Some tips to ensure portions are accurate:-

  • Meat (Pork, Beef and Lamb) 100g is approx palm of your hand or a deck of cards
  • White Fish – size of your hand is approx 150g
  • Teaspoon of butter – thumbnail
  • Chicken Breast – size of your hand is approx 200g
  • Oily fish SMASH – Salmon, Mackerel, Anchovies, Sardines and Herring – palm of your hand is approx 100g
  • Cheese – Matchbox is approx 30g
  • Alcohol – if you’re unsure of measures, buy yourself a wine measure or spirit measure – both available in the BEEWEIGHED shop
  • Jacket potato – fist of your hand is approx 200g
  • Healthy portion of pasta – dried – size of a tennis ball
  • Bread – a healthy portion is the size of a deck of cards
  • Portion plates (available in shop) are a good guide to show 1/4 of your plate should be Protein, 1/4 Carbohydrates and half your plate should be filled with nutritious veggies

Finding your balance across the day – how many portions to aim for from each food group each day for a healthy balance diet

  • Fruit and VegStarchy carbohydrates -3-4 portions a day
  • Protein foods – 2-3 portions a day
  • Dairy and alternatives – 2-3 a day
  • Unsaturated oils and spreads – small amounts

Have a great week everyone – see you all next week when we will be discussing planning meals and the importance of being organised


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