Salt & Dieting Excuses

Salt is an important mineral in our diet, we do need some salt to survive however we should be eating no more than 6g a day!    We also discussed 365 excuses for not sticking to your plan! 😉

Well after the long bank holiday weekend my lovely members lost 123 marbles this week, not bad considering all the Easter Eggs and temptations that were around us all weekend. 

We welcomed new members, Bernie (Remote member), Laura, Fiona, Andrea, Donna, Jean, Liz, Sharon and Bethany – have a fab first week everyone and I look forward to seeing less of you next week 😉

Special mentions to:

Jean and Julie got their SUPER SEVEN awards – fab results 🙂

Mona has now lost 15lb and received her STONE award – Wow! 🙂

Denise is under her target and lost a massive 3lb this week so received her TERRIFIC 10% award – well done hun 🙂

Slimmers of the Week went to Suzie, Tina, Corinna and Ann, Ann also got her FAB 5% award – amazing work ladies 🙂

Massive congratulations to Corinna for losing 2 1/2lb this week and has now lost a MASSIVE 76.5lb – she received her 75lb certificate and special charm for her bracelet – Corinna gave birth to her gorgeous daughter whilst on her weight loss journey, she came back to the group when she was only 6 weeks old and had only gained 6lb – AMAZING.  Super proud leader  🙂


Salt is an important mineral in our diet and we do need some salt to survive as it is important in fluid regulation. Insufficient salt in the blood can lead to hyponatremia, a potentially life threatening condition, however this is rarely caused by too little salt in our diet as we only need a small amount. More commonly we are consuming far too much salt, which has various other adverse affects on our health.

We should be eating no more than 6g of salt per day – which is 2.4g of sodium. But the average daily intake of salt in the UK currently is estimated at 8.1g per day – much more than the maximum recommendation for health.

The good news is that salt intake has come down quite a lot in recent years as people have become more aware of the risks of consuming too much. However we still have a way to go to reach that magic 6g!

Foods that may be surprisingly high in salt

  • Bread
  • Canned soups and beans
  • Ready-made pizzas
  • Sandwiches
  • Cooking sauces
  • Breakfast cereals
  • Biscuits
  • Pastries
  • Ketchup
  • Ready meals

You might not think the foods listed above contain much salt, but there can be hidden salt in all of them. Always check the labels and opt for the reduced salt version of foods if you can.

365 EXCUSES – we discussed this for a bit of fun, but actually a lot of us admitted to being like this BEFORE BEEWEIGHED

How many days are there in the year? 365
That’s how many weekend days there are in a year? Well you can’t stick to the plan on a weekend can you? That leaves you 261 days for you to lose weight!
Number 52 – Fridays
A weekend starts on a Friday doesn’t it? So that’s another 52 days gone, that leaves 209 days to lose weight! Could you?
Number 1 
That’s your wedding anniversary. That leaves 208 weight loss days!
Number 31 
That’s Christmas and New Year it lasts a month doesn’t it? – That leaves 177 days to lose weight.
Number 7
That’s Easter,  you can’t possibly follow the plan that week with all that chocolate, but we still have 170 days to do it don’t we?
Number 8
That’s bank holidays, all that eating out, going on days out, fish & chips ooh 162 days left we CAN do it for 162 days can’t we?
Number 8
The average person has 4 weeks holiday a year! Come on, we can do it? – This is serious business we now only have 134 days left to get on track!
Number 84
That is time of the month days!!!!??? Weight loss..NO CHANCE!!! – There is only 50 days left you can do it for 50 days surely, can you??
Number 10
That’s your birthday and everyone else’s birthday sister, brother, mother, father, woman next door, fella down the street, son’s, you get the idea how can you possibly do it then?? Only 40 days left you can can’t you?
Number 2
Mother and Father’s day chocolates your and his (remember the saying what’s his is mine is mine and what’s mine is mine too, so choc’s bought for Mother’s day is yours and only yours and choc’s bought for fathers days he MUST share) (talk about other gifts) 38 days left OH NO!
Number 12
That’s things like Halloween, bonfire night, and barbecues, (talk about alcohol points where to find them) errrr 26 days left you CAN do it for 26 days you can!!!
Number 26
That’s your social life!!!! You got to live haven’t you?  You can’t let it take over your life can you?

That is how easy a year can go by and nothing can be done about your weight loss aims!

It is so easy to come up with excuses not to stay on plan.  REMEMBER how much you want it – it’s about choosing wisely and if you do indulge make sure you’re back on track the next day.

Have a fantastic week my lovely members 🙂


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