WHY – Why did you join BEEWEIGHED 🐝

Keep your why close by!

When dieting and losing weight it is always important to remember WHY you want to be slimmer and healthier.  It can be a long journey and sometimes you need to remind yourself what was you motivation to join BEEWEIGHED.

Total marbles lost this week across all four meetings 152!! 

Members receiving awards:-

  • Corinna lost a massive 5lbs this week and received her six stone award
  • Helen has now lost two stone and is looking fab
  • Sharon has now lost a stone and a half and also 10% of her body weight.  
  • Marie has lost a stone and a half
  • Zeinab received her first stone award
  • Sharon received her SUPER SEVEN award

Big well done to each and every one of you 🙂

Carolyn and Jean both received their FAB FIVE awards after losing 5% of their body weight – fantastic results.

Slimmers of the week awards went to Colleen, Sinead, Jean and Zeinab – massive well done ladies.

Quite a few of us opened up and told us their reasons for joining BEEWEIGHED and we discussed the importance of ‘keeping your why close by’.  I’ve listed just few WHY reasons that the members shared this week below:-

  • Being single and not wanting to let anyone touch or see them.  She is not confident enough to be in a relationship.
  • Tried an outfit on in River Island and it got stuck, she started to panic and couldn’t get it off, the member then had to get a shop assistant to cut the dress off her.
  • Sales assistants making fun of a member when she had ordered food – the member saw the individuals laughing at her.  Really upset her and affected her so much.
  • A member bought a dress for a wedding months beforehand and when the wedding was approaching she tried it on just two weeks before and it was far too small – she had to go and buy a full new wedding outfit.
  • Confidence had gone since gaining weight – wants to get it back to where it was.
  • One member was getting out of her car and in her words ‘her backside was so big that when she got out her backside forced the steering wheel to lock’.
  • Seeing photographs of themselves or reflections in windows.

We all agreed the importance of knowing your motivation and keeping your WHY close by.

Have a fantastic week everyone – looking forward to seeing less of you next week




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