Tackling Your Diet Saboteurs

Diet Saboteurs

As if dieting isn’t hard enough without having to deal with saboteurs.  They can make you feel deflated. Sadly many diet saboteurs are the people closest to us, like our friends, family and colleagues.  Confronting them may be able to turn them into supporters instead.

  • One wont hurt – If you have one! But often one can lead to coming off plan!
  • You don’t need to lose anymore – You know your target and remember WHY you started to lose weight and what your ultimate target was.  Explain this to your friends and ask for their support until you reach it.
  • Have one day off! – Having a day off can lead to more than a day and it is harder to get back on track!  Again explain this and how important it is to lose weight.
  • Chocolates/Cakes in the office – Always have a low calorie snack so you can have your alternative instead without indulging in the office treats.
  • Say no and mean it – be proud you have said no, give yourself a pat on the back because you actually said no and meant it.
  • If your saboteur is persistent – accept and then when they are not around throw it away – you will feel so much better in doing so!

Learn how to say no and mean no!  – if you you decline the offer of say a doughnut, but really feel inside you want it, you can end up feeling deprived and could lead to coming off plan later on.  Say no and really mean it.  Think how important it is to you to have a loss at the scales and how much you want to lose weight.

Best replies to your saboteurs:-

  • No thanks, I’ve already eaten.
  • Thanks so much, leave it there i’ll have one later.
  • I’ve just eaten.
  • Not keen on them/that.

Top 10 Diet Damaging Comments

  1. You’re not having salad again today, are you?
  2. I made it just for you and you’re not having any?!
  3. What? You’re not going out for a drink with us? I guess we’ll stop inviting you.
  4. You are SO boring when you’re on a diet.
  5. I made your favorite dessert and you’re not having any? Don’t be rude.
  6. You can have a tiny slice, can’t you?
  7. Why can’t today be your “cheat” day?
  8. Come on, we’re on vacation. Don’t ruin everyone else’s fun.
  9. I wouldn’t give your clothes away just yet
  10. I notice you’re losing weight, and…I didn’t want to say anything. But you look poorly.

AWARDS at all meetings this week……

Across all seven meetings a total of 256 marbles were lost.  Special mentions:-

  • Jason, Guy, Deborah, Jade, Joanna, Eric and Tania all received their super sevens.
  • Vicky got her first stone award.
  • Suzie received her third stone award.
  • Slimmers of the week went to Matt, Chatelle, Babs, Sarah, Tina Pat and Tania


Have a fantastic week everyone.  




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