BEEWEIGHED are opening a new meeting on 17th June 10am at 138 Market Street, Hyde SK14 1EX.  

BEEWEIGHED is a weight loss support group where you can come along, get weighed, receive support irrespective of what diet plan you follow.  A calorie controlled diet can be provided if needed also.

Lynda has almost 18 years experience helping people lose weight having previously worked for a large slimming organisation.  She also lost 4.5 stone herself so really understands the ups and downs of losing weight.  She is massively passionate about helping people achieve their weight loss dreams.

Prices are £4.50 weekly fee and £7.00 joining fee, however the joining fee is free at Hyde as an introductory offer until 8th July.

Hyde Past and Present card holders can receive a free cookbook worth £9.99 when they sign up for 5 weeks (£20.50).

What are you waiting for let BEEWEIGHED help you shift them unwanted pounds!


Other meetings

  • Denton – Saturday 8am and 9.30am – Denton Cricket Club, M34 3PB
  • Levenshulme – Thursday 6.30pm – The Klondyke Club, M19 2HQ
  • Didsbury – Sunday 10am – The Scout Hut, Oakway M20 5PS