Swimming in the local pool or in the ocean, walking along the beach, exploring tourist attractions on foot, shopping in local markets and walking up flights of stairs are all activities that many of us do on holiday, and they are all a great way to keep up with our exercise routines and helping with weight loss or limiting the damage.

Snack responsibly with vegetables, hummus, fresh fruit, nuts (almonds, pistachios and walnuts) and a glass of water before the main course arrives. This will reduce the amount of food you will eat overall. It’s best to avoid all soda, which is likely to be quite available whether at a resort or on a cruise ship.


tips to stay on track on holiday

  1. Both airport days are diet days.
  2. Swap breakfast pastries for fruit and yogurt.
  3. Only have one meal out a day.
  4. Always have salad for lunch.
  5. Only drink alcohol once a day and don’t overdo it. 
  6. Do the water aerobic classes and or yoga.
  7. Once an hour get in the pool and swim for ten mins (burns 70 calories each time).
  8. Swap calorific savoury nibbles for vegetable sticks.
  9. Start your evening meal with a glass of water and alternate between water and alcoholic drinks.

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