Tips to not gain during holiday season☀️

Have a holiday plan!


We discussed ways to avoid having a massive gain on holiday or during the holiday season.

Having a plan is vital before a holiday, whether you’re ok to have a gain, stay the same or even lose.

You don’t want to gain all you’ve lost. You’ve work hard to lose weight and don’t want it all to be ruined in two weeks!

Holiday starts at the airport that doesn’t mean you have to over indulge on you travelling days.

Choose fruit instead of having cakes or pastries

Have fruit for breakfast and have a light salad for lunch. Have a treat for your evening meal.

Have treats but not every day

Alternate alcoholic drinks with water or soda water

Be more active, swim, walk, dance

If self catering you control what you eat and can eat healthy and limit your foods that are laden with calories.

Across all five meetings a total of 169 marbles gone forever! We welcomed new members Diane and Kirsty. Have a fab first week love 🤞


  • Liz got her fab five%
  • Super sevens went to Amina, Julie S and Chris
  • Zeinab, Lorraine, Sinead, Sara and Jean all got their stone and a half awards, Sinead also got her terrific ten%
  • Pat got her 25lb award
  • Slimmers of the week went to Lorraine, Liz, Julie S, Sara, Jean and Zeinab

🐝❤️Massive well done everyone. Have a great week 💪💪



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