Have Sweet or Savoury Treats and Still Lose Weight

  Losing weight doesn’t mean you have to cut out your treats!

This week at BEEWEIGHED  we shared lots of lovely sweet and savoury treats that you can have and still fit them into your plan whether that be a low cal, low carb, point, syn diet.  At every meeting we all left with our mouths watering!! lol 🙂

People on a diet tend to think treats are a ‘no-no’ when trying to lose weight.  The reality is quite the opposite.  People who cut down rather than cutting out food groups are more likely to keep off the weight long term.  Remember there is no such thing as BAD foods, have in moderation!

It is essential to stop classing foods as good or bad.  It is down to how much of something you eat and how often.  Denying yourself of certain foods you enjoy can lead to negative and psychological emotions, which is why so many people class weight loss with denial, hunger and feeling miserable.  But it really doesn’t have to be like that.

Having a more relaxed approach and including SOME treats makes losing weight successful and sustainable and it builds a long term positive attitude towards food.

Favourite savoury snacks (under 100 cals)

  • Wotsits
  • Walkers Baked
  • Square crisp
  • Pom Pom Bear Crisps
  • Quavers
  • Twiglets
  • Lidl or Aldi Lenti Curls
  • Swede or Mooli chips
  • Celery with light Philadelphia and prawn

Favourite sweet snacks (under 100 cals)

  • 90 Fibre bars – Chocolate Brownie, Lemon or Caramel flavour
  • Two Finger. Kit Kat
  • Curly Wurly
  • Fun Size Mars, Snickers etc
  • 2 x Jaffa Cakes
  • Zero Fat Yogurt with sugar free jelly, berries and blend – like blacmange
  • Small bags of Asda Popcorn – sweet or savoury


So this week across all five meetings a total of 242 marbles that’s 121lbs, wow massive well done everyone.

We welcomed new members Myrtle, Amina, Christine, Hayley, Julie, Janette, Rose and Alison we welcomed returning member Arlene – have a great first week ladies.


  • Sandra lost a massive 8lbs this week and got her first super seven
  • Corinna got her 13th super seven and has now lost a massive 6 1/2 stone
  • Lorraine has got her first stone (no pic)
  • Sharon wanted to lose 2 stone before her holiday on Friday and she smashed it and got her two stone award
  • Julie got her two stone and also her terrific ten %
  • Linda has not been at BEEWEIGHED due to health reasons and has lost a massive 2 stone since she was last weighed, she received her 2, 1/2, 3 stone awards, also she got her 25lg and 10% awards.

Well done ladies – I’m super proud of your ALL!

The lovely Becky got to her target weight after losing a massive 21lb – she looks amazing, massive well done!

Slimmers of the Week

Lorraine, Marsha, Sharon, Rosie, Julie, Jeanette, Corinna and Anne-Marie



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