Interesting lunches


An amazing 209 marbles gone forever at BEEWEIGHED weight loss support group.  That’s a massive 104.5
pounds lost!  We welcomed new members Sarah, Claire, JJ and Terry.


👏Michelle and Mike got their stone awards

🙌Fab five% went to Gaynor

💪Abbi got her super seven

👊🏻Slimmers of the week went to Angela, Gaynor, Chrissie, Julie, Judy, Abbi, Rose, Trish, Jane, Paula, Judy and Karen!

Have the best week ever everyone 👊🏻💪👊🏻

We discussed lunches and shared lots of our favourite recipes:-

Eating lunch raises your blood sugar levels in the middle of the day, which gives you the energy you need for the rest of the day.  It also enables you to focus for the rest of the afternoon.

It is proven that people who skip lunch tend to overeat during their evening meal to compensate for missing lunch – so the key is DON’T EVER SKIP LUNCH!

  • Crackers and Cottage Cheese for simplicity
  • Marmite rice cakes with Philadelphia light
  • Broghies filled with ham/tuna/chicken salad
  • Sandwiches made with protein bread or thins as opposed to ‘regular’ bread
  • Omelette – one egg with two egg whites, lots of peppers, onions and whatever meat your want
  • Crustless quiches – can be eaten hot or cold
  • Batch make chillis, curries, spaghetti bolognese, casseroles and freeze so there’s always something in the freezer
  • Leftovers from the night before
  • Soups – a few were discussed but the butternut squash and ginger pack from Morrisons is Devine! – Makes a change for the Broccolli and Cauliflower one we have all tried!

Haughton Green meetings opening on 23rd March 2020!


This week we’re discussing the main 3 sugar types, where they are found and the amount you should be having per day.