Mindful Eating

 Sometimes speed eating is hard to avoid, you’ve overslept and scoffed down a quick breakfast before work, for example.  But regularly racing through your meals could be taking it’s toll on your waistline.

This week at BEEWEIGHED we discussed adopting Mindful Eating into your lifestyle to help with your weight loss goals.

Change Habits

  • Eat slowly – don’t be the first to finsh.  Watch the speed your companion is eating and try and mirror it.
  • Savour every single mouthful, we are supposed to chew our foods 30 times, we don’t have to be that strict but we should chew until it has been chewed properly, this in turn makes it easier for your body to digest and helps with constipation.
  • Have quality foods not quantity.
  • Pay attention to your body’s signals, stop before you are full, leave food if you are satisfied.  However if you can’t do this only put on your plate what your body needs or get a smaller plate.
  • Have a glass of water with every meal.  Water is natures natural food suppressant.
  • Eat at the table if you don’t have a table be sure to turn off the TV and don’t have your phone by your side.
  • Eat before you get hungry – if you skip a meal it can lead to impulsive choices.
  • Consider where foods come from and appreciate your food.
  • Enjoy nutritious foods, learn to enjoy them rather than eating them just because they are low calorie etc.
  • Put your knife and fork down after every mouthful or if you don’t feel that is an option, don’t pile your next fork full until you have finished what is in your mouth.

Across all five meetings this week a total of 178 marbles lost – that is over six stone in weight!  Massive well done everyone.  We welcomed new members Majella, Sam and Jane, have a fab first week ladies.


  • Fab Five% went to Julie G, she also got her stone and a half award
  • Annmarie also got her fab five% and her first stone award
  • Super sevens went to Catherine, Karen, Rose and Rosie
  • Stone awards went to Stella and Julie R
  • Corinna got her massive SEVEN stone award – 99lbs gone!!!!
  • Slimmers of the week went to Lorraine, Catherine, Stella, Julie and Annmarie

Massive well done everyone I am super proud of every single one of you.

Next week we are discussing labels!


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