Upping your exercise 👍🏼

Do you enjoy exercise, or does the thought of it fill you with fear?

Being active is key to losing weight and keeping it off.  Besides providing numerous health benefits. exercise can help burn off the excess calories that you can’t cut through dieting alone.

It is important to find an activity you enjoy and are able to fit into your day to day routine.

Losing Weight

If your goal is to lose weight, then you should be aiming to do a bit more than this to help burn extra calories, the more the better, within reason!  When it comes to weight loss, diet is the biggest factor, so getting the right level of calories for weight loss is important.  

It takes 30 seconds to eat a cream cake and about 20 minutes to burn it off!


The most important thing is progression.  You should stick with an exercise routine for about 6-8 weeks and then increase this in some way, either through intensity or duration.  This is because our bodies adapt and become more efficient, so activities that once burned 200 calories would only burn 100 – (as a simplified example).


So in the case of walking, if you did say three hour long walks a week, after a period of time you would need to increase this to four walks a week or the period of time of your walks, say three one and a half hour walks.  Walking is a great way to burn calories, it’s just as important to progress if you want it to help with weight loss.  

We discussed some tips to help increase activity during your day to day tasks:-

  • Dance like nobody is watching.  Dance every morning when you get up, it’ll put you in a good mood for the day and 30 mins is approx 3000 steps.
  • Make every brew count.  Pace around while waiting for the kettle to boil.
  • Telephone conversations – again pace around whilst talking on the phone.
  • Maximise your dog walks – walk more frequently or for longer durations.
  • Get labour intense.  Make your cleaning a workout, put more effort into it.  Put the music on treat it as a workout.
  • Take the stairs – not the lift.
  • Park the car as far as possible and walk,
  • If you use public transport, get off the stop before and walk the rest of the journey.
  • In the advert (usually 4 mins) run up and down the stairs or any other activity you can do – squats, sit ups etc.


This week across all five meetings a total 219 marbles – that is a total of 109.5lbs gone forever!!!  We welcomed new members Zena, Liz and Anne Marie – have a great first week ladies.


  • Super sevens – Paula and Jeanette
  • First Stone – Julie, Jean Mc, Amanda (no pic) and Jean R
  • Fab Five% – Sharon L, Pat A and Laura
  • Slimmers of the week went to Dee, Sharon L, Jean R and Mona

Have a fantastic week everyone!


BEE good! xx


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