Week 46 – Desserts when dieting?


The case against dessert seems open and shut. The sugar that makes treats so sweet has been linked to weight gain and chronic diseases ranging from Type 2 diabetes to cancer; many desserts also have an abundance of saturated fats, which potentially harm the heart, and plenty of empty calories.

But some studies are suggesting that having dessert every once in a while — the real, indulgent kind, not the cut-up fresh-fruit kind — may actually be a useful tool for eating more healthfully, when it’s used strategically.

However making desserts using lighter recipes tend to contain less calories, carbs, fat and taste just as good as the real, indulgent kind.

Members shared their favourite recipes and low options for that something sweet, that they all felt helps them feel they have indulge but still stayed on plan:-

  • Fibre one bars – only 99 calories – Carrot Cake, Chocolate Fudge, Lemon Drizzle and Salted Caramel Flavours
  • Zero Fat Yogurt mixed with an options chocolate powder
  • Zero Fat Yogurt with Zero Sugar Jelly – Blacmange 
  • Four dates with egg, crumpled weetabix and cinnamon cooked in microwave


  • Well Balanced – this guide is the one we recommend for everyone. The nutrient breakdown is based on the guidelines for a healthy balanced diet: 50% carbs, 15% protein, 35% fat (and within this 11% sat fats, 18% total sugars and 6g salt).
  • Lower Carb – this guide offers a moderate reduction in carbs with a matched increase in protein. This is for anyone who feels that eating fewer carbs helps them stick to their calorie allowance better.
  • Less Sugar – this guide takes a strict approach with sugar, reducing your total sugars allowance to just 12%. This is for anyone who essentially wants to eliminate added sugars from their diet and only have sugars from natural sources.
  • Higher Protein

     – this guide offers a higher protein intake with a matched reduction in carbs. This is useful for people wanting to up their protein in order to help them stick to their calorie allowance. Protein has been shown to be more satiating than carbohydrates for example, so it can be helpful to eat more when trying to lose weight.

  • Lower Fat – this guide offers a moderate reduction in total fat. This approach can help some people stick to their total calorie allowance easier, as fat is the most energy dense nutrient – so reducing it has a bigger effect on reducing your total calorie intake.
This week’s meeting successes

Across all five BEEWEIGHED meetings a total of 160 marbles gone forever.

  • Julie got her three and a half stone award🙌🙌
  • Zena got her fab five%
  • Vicky got her super seven
  • Dee hit a weight thats she’s not been in 30 years and received a well done certificatE
    • Slimmers of the Week went to Zena, Fiona, Dee and Gina


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