Week 47 – Egg-citing recipes 🍳🥚🍳?

Eggs are a good source of protein and a fab go-to food!

This week we shared our favourite egg recipes/ideas.

  • Always have boiled eggs in the fridge, when you come home from work and are ravenous they are a good protein snack to ‘put you on’ until you’ve made your dinner.
  • Poached eggs in Warburtons 160-200 calories depending on egg size
  • Mini crust less quiche made
  • with peppers, mushrooms, ham or whatever you like mix and put in cake tin. Delicious hot or cold.
  • Cloud eggs – separate the white and whisk white then put in oven for ten mins then add the yolk and put back in oven for a few mins
  • Scotch eggs made with boiled eggs and wrapped with low fat sausage meat, can be rolled in crumpled weetabix if desired
  • put a bit of hot water in a pan, boil, crack an egg in, put lid on, its like a fried egg without the oil

How to tell if an egg is fresh…..

Just fill a bowl with cold water and place your eggs in the bowl. If they sink to the bottom and lay flat on their sides, they’re very fresh. If they’re a few weeks old but still good to eat, they’ll stand on one end at the bottom of the bowl. If they float to the surface, they’re no longer fresh enough to eat.

This week’s meeting successes

Across all five BEEWEIGHED meetings a total of 125 marbles gone forever.

  • Julie R got her 50lb award!
  • Amina and Colleen got their 25lb award
  • Suzie, Marsha and AnnMarie got their two and a half stone awards
  • Sara for her two stone award
  • Gina got her fab five%
  • Slimmers of the week went to Zena, Fiona, Sharon L, Sarah, Kirsty and Gina
  • Zena got her fab five%



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