Week 49 – Staying Focused During the Party Season

Staying focused during the party season

December as a whole is filled with meals out, parties, open chocolate tins at work, more alcohol than we’re used to – and that’s all before the actual day itself!!

It’s easy to see how the average person gains around 6lb over the festive season, making January even more blue than it needs to be.

Save calories and still have fun!

When going to parties the trick is to turn up not starving, but eat well before you go. Choose something light and healthy but filling such as poached eggs on toast before you go you’ll find it ten times easier to exercise self control.

Choose wisely

Many parties or Christmas meals ask you to choose your meal choice in advance, and now that is the time to choose the sensible options that will help you manage your weight.  Soup, baked or grilled fish, plus roast dinners without all the trimmings and fruit for dessert will keep all keep you on track.

Pass on the cocktails

Seasonal drinks are delicious but eggnog and mulled wine are laden with sugar – even a simple peach Bellini is around 160 calories. Stick to white wine spritzer 100 cals is 100ml white wine used.


Drive don’t drink!

Nominate yourself as designated driver for at least one festive night out.  It doesn’t have to spoil your fun.  Not drinking will save a heap of calories, plus you’ll eat fewer fattening snacks both at the party or on the way home afterwards!


Christmas calorie burners

Two hour Christmas shopping can burn around 400-500 calories

The whole morning prepping then cooking Christmas dinner can burn 300-400 calories

Doing all the clearing up afterwards can burn up to 150 calories.

Across all five meetings a total of 98 marbles gone forever! We welcomed new member Anne Marie. Have a great first week hun!  Special mentions….
  • Julie got to target after losing a massive 22lbs!
  • Fab five % went to Paula.
  • Lynda got her super seven award
  • Stone award went to Debbie
  • Slimmers of the week went to Zena, Colleen, Dee, Sharon, Chris and Jo






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