Christmas Food Swaps

Christmas Food Swaps

A few nifty swaps here and there can save hundreds of calories over the day (and people will barely notice!) Here’s our top 10, saving nearly 1,000 calories if you take them all on board – the same as 24 pigs in blankets!

At the end of the day

It’s important to remember that Christmas is just one day. So if you do find that you’ve over-indulged, don’t despair!

Having a healthy attitude to food is as significant as healthy eating, so rather than thinking there’s no point in carrying on with your diet, pick yourself up and get back on the wagon. You might find your weight loss is a bit slower that week, or you stay the same, but you’ll soon be back in the swing of things.

Some swaps you can easily do

  • Instead of having a full English or egg and bacon sarnie, why not have poached eggs on toast or a Warburtons thin
  • Instead of reaching for the chocolates why not have a small handful of fruit and nuts – they will keep you satisfied for longer
  • Have low cal alternative crisps/snacks to save some calories – for example, quavers, french fries
  • Use Fry Light instead of oil or meat fat on your roast potatoes
  • Use a smaller plate for your Christmas Dinner
  • Instead of full fat cream choose Elmlea – save around 180 calories
  • Use diet mixers with spirits
  • Have soda or diet lemonade if having wine
  • Make your own trifle with sugar free jelly, low fat custard and use squirty cream
  • After your Christmas dinner instead of relaxing in front of the tv, put you coat, hat and scarf on and go for a brisk walk.


Across all five meetings a total of 92 marbles gone forever.  Special awards….

  • Zena got her stone award, she also got slimmer of the week at Hyde
  • Colleen got her two stone award and also got slimmer of the week at Levenshulme
  • Sinead got her two and a half stone and also slimmer of the week at Denton
  • Sarah got her half a stone award
  • Corinna got her eight and a half stone award – WOW!!!
  • Zeinab got slimmer of the week at Didsbury

Massive well done everyone.

Slimmers of the year being announced this week.  Special individual blog will be published after Saturdays meeting and all awards have been received.


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