Increasing activity throughout your day

Small amounts of physical activity can provide positive health benefits.

While regular exercise is the best way to receive the health-promoting benefits of physical activity, it can often be a challenge to make time for a lengthy workout. If you can’t make it into the gym or run on your favourite walk, don’t worry. Try to include extra activity throughout your day without having to get your gym kit on and physically go!

This week at BEEWEIGHED meetings we discussed ideas to increase the opportunity to move more throughout your day.

  • Make physical activity part of your daily commute to work.

    If it is not possible to walk to work, park your car 1 mile away and walk the rest of the journey or if using public transport get off a stop earlier.

  • Perform your jobs by walking or cycling whenever possible.

    Nipping to the shops or popping round to family or friends, why not walk instead?  Leave the car at home!

  • Take your dog for an extra walk or increase the length of time you currently walk them. 

    Your dog will love you for it and you will be adding extra steps to your day.  If you don’t have a dog ask to take a neighbours or a friend’s dog for a walk.

  • During adverts or while the kettle is boiling be active. 

    Run up and down the stairs or power walk on the spot!  The average adverts are four minutes long.

  • Exercise YouTube Videos 

    Aim to do a couple a week, there are many online that are only 7 or 10 min workouts.

  • Don’t use your lunch break to simply sit down and eat. 

    Have your lunch then go for a walk.

  • Take the stairs where possible

    Or take half of the flights walking and the other half use the lift.

  • Park far from your destination

    Parking far from the front of the supermarket serves two benefits: you get more activity by walking across the parking lot to your destination and it is easier to leave when you are parked closer to the exit, which is a bonus when the stores are busy.

  • Do chores/Housework

    No, they’re not fun, but chores like cleaning the kitchen, carrying out the rubbish, mowing the lawn or collecting laundry are all ways to add more activity into your day.  Make your weekly  house clean as a workout.

  • Go up and down your stairs as often as you can

    Don’t leave items at the bottom of the stairs to pile up, as something needs to go upstairs take it up.  Also if you have an upstairs and a downstairs toilets always use the upstairs one.

A 7 minute workout video that was highly recommended by several members was the Lucy Wyndham Read Belly Buster Workout.

Across all meetings this week a total of 137 marbles were lost!  Big well done everyone.  We welcomed new members Sarah (remote), Andrea, Allison, Nadia and Sue – have a great first week ladies.

  • At Hyde the lovely Lorraine received her terrific ten% – She’s looking fantastic and is loving the health benefits of losing 10% of her body weight.😍
    • At Denton Sinead not only got her 25lb award this week but she is also no longer in the ‘obese’ category, she openly shared this in the meeting, she’s looking great!❤️
    • Mona and Anne Marie Butt got their 25lb awards at Didsbury.🙌🙌
    • Kirsty got her super seven 👏👏
    • Slimmers of the week awards in all meetings went to Zena, Angela, Sandra, Sharon, Jean and Anne Marie😘

Have a fantastic week everyone – try and include more activity this week – aim to do more than you did before.


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