Week 45 – The Importance of Tracking

Food tracking is extremely important when dieting!

Food journals can certainly help with weight loss, since it’s a record of exactly what you are consuming and when.

Keeping a food diary or journal is very helpful for weight loss. It can help you see patterns to what, when and why you eat. It can also be a deterrent to over eating because you don’t want to write down that you over ate something. It keeps you accountable. If you are a results person there are many free online websites and apps for tracking your food and activity each day that are quick and easy to use.

Studies show that keeping a food diary may help you lose as much as twice the amount of weight. Is it a new magic pill? Well, it’s really an old magic pill. The benefit of keeping a food diary — or basically writing down what you eat — has been known for a long time. 
Many people see a food diary as one extra thing they have to do, but as the findings from this study show, it can have a very powerful impact. Keeping a food diary does not have to be time consuming or complicated. Here are some simple steps to keep in mind.

  • On a sheet of paper or in a notebook, write down what you ate, where you were, what time it was, what you were doing and what your mood was.
  • Be sure and record as you go along. Don’t try to rely on memory at the end of the day — it will ruin the results.
  • Post your food diary where you can see it (on the refrigerator or on a mirror).
  • Keep it up for a couple of weeks and review the diary. You’ll notice that you are eating less “bad” food and more “good” food.

There are many Food Tracking apps available, a lot are and some you pay a small fee each month.  We all discussed the ones we prefer:-

  • Nutracheck
  • Lose It
  • My Fitness Pal
  • Fat Secret (Calorie Counter)
  • Carb Manager

This week across all five BEEWEIGHED meetings a total of 182 marbles were lost, we welcomed new member Sarah and welcomed returning members Lisa and Lynda – have a great week ladies.


Sinead got her second stone and also Slimmer of the Week, other Slimmers of the week went to Dee, Colleen, Alf, Vanessa and Helen.


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