Exercise – Making Commitments

We recapped on last week’s topic – how to increase activity without thinking about it, so following on from that we discussed benefits of exercising:-

  • Makes you feel happier – the feel good factor
  • Can help with with weight loss and tones you
  • Increases your energy levels 
  • Skin looks better
  • Helps with relaxation
  • Boosts sleep quality

Make exercising fun!  Make sure you do an exercise that you enjoy, you’re more likely to stick at it.

  • Go with a friend
  • Join a class – meet new friends
  • Exercise whilst listening to music
  • Record your achievements/progress
  • Exercise whilst watching TV
  • Walk around whilst talking on your phone
  • Run up and down the stairs during adverts
  • Make your housework a workout
  • If you’ve got a dog – walk it more or for longer

We discussed exercises excuses and came up with solutions

  • No time – we all can make time even if just two 30 min walks in the week is better than doing nothing at all – we touched on the amount of time the majority of us spend on the phone – so we can all make time.
  • Too much pain – Try different types of exercises, there’s always alternatives that can be done.
  • It’s boring – try different exercises, if you don’t like a certain type of class try another, try swimming, power walking, dancing you’ll soon find one that gives you the ‘feel good factor’.
  • Costs too much – do it at home, lots of workouts on YouTube – don’t cost anything.  Walking – a good power walk burns more calories than jogging!
  • I’ll start tomorrow – TOMORROW NEVER COMES – get your comfy shoes on and start today!!
  • The key is to do more than you did before – I asked you all to make a commitment this week and write it on your weekly handout – I’ll be asking you next week how you all got on.

Many members regularly use various youtube video workouts. Some are as little as only 7 mins long, such as Lucy Wyndham Read. Give one a go! Shut your curtains and exercise like no one is watching!!

This week’s successes💪💪

Denton darlings lost a massive 104 marbles. We welcomed new members, Sheila, Charlotte, Elaine and it was nice to see Liz Fogg back too!

Special mentions….

🙌Chrissie Crompton got her super seven and stone award (she should have got the seven two weeks ago!)
💪Michelle, Carol, Charlotte and Sandra got their super seven awards
👍🏼Slimmers of the week went to Sandra and Carol.

🤩Longsight lovelies had some fantastic results, 64 marbles!!! Special mentions….
Karen Warke and Tracy Kehoe got their super seven awards.🤪

Slimmers of the week went to Suzie Dennis and Karen. 😀

Special mention to 😚Jenna Gleave for going away for the weekend and still losing 1lb. 👍🏼

I also did a special well done to Tracy 😎who lost a massive 8 1/2 in two weeks (she was away last week) 💪💪💪

46 marbles lost!

💎 New zoom member
Nicola Chadwick
👏Helen Smith – 1lb
👏Jacquie Russell – 2lb
👏Jacquie – 3 1/2lb
👏Theresa Outram Plaiter – 1/2lb
👏Lynn Mainwaring – 1lb
👏Pat Crosthwaite – 5lb
👏Eric – 9lb
👏Sharon Holt – 2lb
👏kirsty – 1lb
👏Helen – 2lb

Maintains/no WI

💪Rachael Berrisford
💪Angela Casserly
💪Nicola Jones

Have a fantastic week everyone!!


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